objet petit a No. 2
Single-Channel Video
Edition of 4 and 2 Artists Proofs
Dimensions Variable

objet petit a No. 2 speaks to the Lacanian phenomenon within psychoanalytic theory dealing with physical separation between the mother and child. Serving as a continuation of objet petit a No. 1, where a cane is used as a contact point to reimagine the bodily harmony of mother and child, objet petit a No. 2 works to reconstruct unity through examining both digital and physical relics of the constructed relationship. From the hair of a biological daughter to a sculptural cradle, obscure objects of desire are disclosed in a visual diary. Within the slow churning of the womb, language regresses into incomprehensible babble and all understanding of visual culture dissolves. This return to the womb reveals the objet petit a in its most pure form, although the act of the return relinquishes all power associated with symbolic order.