Freudian Drama I
Single-Channel Video
Edition of 4 and 2 Artists Proofs
Dimensions Variable

Freudian Drama I depicts a fictionalized reenactment of the dramas of a complex relationship between a mother and a son. Riding through the streets of Manhattan in the back seat of a limo (uterus), the characters speak passionately about their issues. Jealousy, denial and negotiation are made visual through their choreographed conflict. The dialogue is direct and portrays the rawness of a couple in counseling. Based on a foundation of camp, the cinematic language of film noir is utilized in an effort to transcend multiple decades to recontextualize the film style through a queer lens. A campy depiction or lived identity is inherently hyper-stylized, and thus creates a doubled identity – like an actor and their character. The characters skim the line between actor and authentic identity. They wear their everyday clothes, contributing realism to the fabricated conversation in which they act out the fantasy of a slapstick mother/child Freudian drama.