Chimeral States 3 (Born Lucky)
Single-Channel Video
Edition of 4 and 2 Artists Proofs
Dimensions Variable

Chimeral States 3 (Born Lucky) examines the morphing identities of two characters of multiple genders. As in other parts of the series, these characters inhabit an enclosed digital space that symbolizes the womb. The maternal realm has historically been associated with the home; therefore, the scenes take place in a virtual stage of collaged digital images, mimicking a dollhouse. Through recontextualizing physical remnants of history, a message of positive criticism is conveyed toward existing patriarchal powers. The characters work to break the structures put in place by the logic of binary gender establishments that dictate a social hierarchy where those with wealth are able to see themselves as superior.

“It’s better to be born lucky than rich,” introduces sardonic humor to the concept of an economic system in decay. The uncertainty of our global crisis is softened by the notion of a gift economy, an alternative economic structure that relies on cooperation rather than competition. The foundations of a gift economy stem from the biological act of giving birth. Chimeral States 3 (Born Lucky) presents a caricature of global currency and the state of our relationship to money. Referencing Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake,” the narrative presents an ambiguous dilemma between patriarchy and misogyny, which has historically exploited women for reproductive purposes. Chimeral States 3 (Born Lucky) sheds light on our desire to dissolve patriarchal establishments (capitalism) in favor of sustainable negotiation.