Chimeral States 5 (Loving Quicksand)
Single-Channel Video
Edition of 4 and 2 Artists Proofs
Dimensions Variable

Chimeral States 5 (Loving Quicksand) offers a hypnotic chronicle featuring the Cavalli’s, a heterosexual couple whose traditional understanding of masculine and feminine identities has dissolved in favor of the husband’s desire to be pretty. Evolution is presented as the ultimate cause for the disintegration of binary gender roles, and through the playful recycling of antiquated ideals into games, the protagonists experience their desires to inhabit multiple identities. 

Seeds reference the feminine power of birth and exist at the center of the mandala. Nature is presented as the mother of time and transformation. From heterosexual couple to father and son, the actors of Chimeral States (Loving Quicksand) are hungry to live out multiple identities and thus, experience distinct perceptions of consciousness. No two people experience the same event or action in the same manner or interpret a text or image in a uniform way, but changes in self-presentation allow for new reincarnations of understanding. All interpretations of life are valid as long as they promote sustainable and peaceful existence in the continued nonviolent fight for global unity.