Chimeral States 2 (All I Do)
Single-Channel Video
Edition of 4 and 2 Artists Proofs
Dimensions Variable

Chimeral States 2 (All I Do) engages with the full metamorphic potential of the human being, in terms of both psychic and physical identity. Narration is first presented by an archetypal male entertainer, but this convention is swiftly subverted with the introduction of his female counterpart who shares the same voice, but a larger stage presence. The two life-forces behind the multiple identities yearn to see movies that are better than real life – movies where they are beauty queens. However, this is complicated by the introduction of multiple relational pairings. Absolute love plays out in a landscape built on a foundation of escapism and obsession. Each couple represents the different stages of inner Oedipal complexes. One must dream in order to visualize a goal or ideal scenario to work towards within a world of infinite possibilities. The use of lyric repetition connects the work to the spiritual realm, as the protagonists mutate into a lover, a sister, a brother or a wife.