In Dreams
Single-Channel Video
Edition of 4 and 2 Artists Proofs
Dimensions Variable

In Dreams is an oneiric sequence of events depicting the desires of an embryo as it imagines the ideal birth. The island of Mallorca serves as the uterine landscape from which the protagonist wanders aimlessly while reciting verses to a Trap melody, an omen to his future existence in a world where masculinity and patriarchic powers are in crisis.

“I want to become the perfection in your lies” refers to the embryo’s knowledge of its mother’s voice and the words that will eventually separate their perfect union. While awaiting birth, fear of separation is extrapolated by the introduction of language that will create an individual identity. The mother appears as an ephemeral character, existing as a companion that alludes to both life and death.

“In dreams, you and I are always one,” indicates his infantile nostalgia derived from separation anxiety. This melancholia will later transfer to a potential other, presented as the endless winding road. The path of understanding emotions is an evolutionary maze that will never reach an end.