Cradle (His Through Hers)

Cradle (His Through Hers)
Wicker, Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Embroidered Velvet
Edition of 1
38.5 x 36 x 48 inches

Once, while driving Verónica to the Pittsburgh airport, I happened to notice that the back seat of my car bequeathed a wire coat hanger and needle-nosed pliers with wire cutters. The offering urged my impromptu request for Verónica to fashion a shape that made her think of me. The resulting symbol was simultaneously convex/concave, vaginal/phallic, masculine/feminine, and ultimately, male/female.

In an effort to reinvent my childhood narrative in harmony with Welcome To My Faith in You, we decided to make a cradle. Playing off of the dichotomies brought about by the coat hanger symbol that is embroidered into the black velvet cushion, neo-Gothicism and camp collide headfirst. Long fixated and influenced by Ann Ferguson’s Androgyny As an Ideal for Human Development, Cradle (His Through Hers) is our visualization of the ideal cradle to nurture an infant that will be raised to appreciate and cherish a genderless existence. We strive to allow physical and expressive androgyny to be the baseline of our political identity.